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Installing Kubeval

Tagged versions of kubeval are built using GoReleaser and uploaded to GitHub. This means you should find tar.gz and .zip files under the release tab. These should contain a single kubeval binary for the platform in the filename (ie. windows, linux, darwin). Either execute that binary directly or place it on your path.


tar xf kubeval-linux-amd64.tar.gz
sudo cp kubeval /usr/local/bin


tar xf kubeval-darwin-amd64.tar.gz
sudo cp kubeval /usr/local/bin

For those using Homebrew you can use the kubeval tap:

brew tap instrumenta/instrumenta
brew install kubeval


Windows users can download the zip files from the releases page. For Scoop users you can install with:

scoop bucket add instrumenta
scoop install kubeval


kubeval is also published as a Docker image. This can be used as follows: follows:

$ docker run -it -v `pwd`/fixtures:/fixtures garethr/kubeval fixtures/*
Missing a kind key in /fixtures/blank.yaml
The document fixtures/int_or_string.yaml contains a valid Service
The document fixtures/int_or_string_false.yaml contains an invalid Deployment
--> spec.template.spec.containers.0.env.0.value: Invalid type. Expected: string, given: integer
The document fixtures/invalid.yaml contains an invalid ReplicationController
--> spec.replicas: Invalid type. Expected: integer, given: string
Missing a kind key in /fixtures/missing-kind.yaml
The document fixtures/valid.json contains a valid Deployment
The document fixtures/valid.yaml contains a valid ReplicationController